Hi Guys, a tired old gigger who no longer has the get-up-and-go to get-up-and-go. But, I still love to jam out at home when I can. Nothing inspires me more than some real good quality jam tracks. I have used jamtracks.ru. Bluesblast, backingtracks.com jamcenter and jamstudio. These are all great websites but something new is allways exiting. Is there any more out there I have missed. I like to just click and jam, I try to avoid subscribing if at all possible. Styles are blues, funk/fusion and melodic rock. Any reccomendations would be greatfully received.
Yeah, I have some good quality CDs "Jam Trax" by ralph Agresta, they are extremely good quality but, its like listening to your favourite songs over and over, after a while you need something different for that inspiration. Bands gradually change their set for the same reason I guess. Has anyone bought "50 blues" from the net ? any opinions....