there was a flea market today and i saw an acoustic Stagg sw201.
It was brand new and the price was 125. They said they bought it for 205.
They were nice old folks, so i trusted it.
I bought it for 120.
But now i search on the internet and see that the price is about 80 and some even 69..

I feel bad now, because i borrowed 40euro from my brother and i shouldn't have trusted it too much.
Anyone else had the same problem?
That you buy things, only to see that you could have get it way cheaper?
Yeah, my local shop sells things for a little bit more than MF and Zzounds, but I'd rather support them than a corporation. And I don't pay that much more, like I paid $50 more on my RG.
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i'm glad i'm not the only one.
And the couple i bought it from is still at the market. but i doubt that if i explain what the actual price is, i will get my money back . I'll never buy stuff without checking a price on the internet again
Take it back and give them a slap?

I wouldnt ever buy something without knowing what its worth though...

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i just went back and explained it to them. The guitar is from their daughter, who said she bought it for 205 and didn't want less then 125.
They were embarrased that they sold it for 125 after i explained them none of the Stagg SW201 i checked on the net was worth more then 100 euro!
they gave me 20 back. so i feel kind of better
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Kind of a dick move, IMHO, buying a guitar then going back to demand a refund just because someone had it cheaper on the Internet. When I bought my amp maybe a year and a half ago, I probably paid twice what it was worth, but honestly it doesn't matter now; having an amp now is more important to me than having the money for one later, and the thing's lasted all that time largely in spite of my best efforts, so it was probably worth it. Of course, that's only my opinion.

it's not because it is cheaper on the net that i went back. it's because they lied and told me it was worth 205. Wich is impossible! That's why i checked the net and saw at least 5 different sites with the same brand new guitar and all the prices were less then 100. That's why i felt bad for paying 125
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its only $20 more...

that's not the point. they said it was 205 and now 125. So i would have a 80euro profit and made a bargain they said. While actually they would make about 20euro profit
Never trust old people,
This is why we need death panels in america, to prevent this kind of senior screwing that happens on a daily basis! Viva la Kill old people!
Why would they sell a 'brand new' guitar worth £205 for £125? Doesn't really make sense when you think about it does it
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(1) I think it's quite possible the guitar could be worth $205. There's no law of physics or whatever saying you physically cannot value that guitar for that amount. I believe the word would be improbable.

(2) If I read the post correctly, they told you what their daughter told them. Their daughter may have lied to them, but they themselves were not lying if they honestly didn't know any better.

(3) You got your guitar, didn't you? Get over it.

I agree 100%
20 euro too much? my god, how do they sleep at night?

anyway... HNOPAGD?

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Been there sooooo many times, at least years ago.

I wouldn't be too upset, since it was a flea market couple that may not have known better. Pawn shops are much worse rip off artists. One in my hometown has used hand tools priced 30% over the new price.
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Just play the **** out of that guitar, make it worth every dollar you spent!

I did the same thing, though payed near regular price for a pretty beat up acoustic.
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20 euro too much? my god, how do they sleep at night?

anyway... HNOPAGD?

Unfortunately its buyer beware in these cases....its done ....so you are prob best putting it down to experience enjoying the guitar and learning for next time. Sorry for being flippant in my last post but i couldn't resist