So i recorded this song to show to my band so taht we could work on writing lyrics for it. The conversions are a little choppy and the drum track is just a digital loop.

Anyways, i figured i'd post it and see what you think.

Song is on my profile C4C
Sounds Great, love the rhythem and the lead is very catchy, the solo is sweet, and it has a very nice vibe to it. I have no critique to give hear so I'll just say great guitar work and I would love to hear the finished piece.


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Like yoyo said the vibe is actually really great, the chord progression is great and the lead track is very melodic and tasteful. Would love to hear some more variety in the rhythm, but I understand that you're just using a digital loop.

How'd you recorded the piece?

C4C? It's in my sig, "Ethereal Minds."