I want to buy some simple recording tools to upload a cover in good qualiy.
Currently i own a cemcorder of sony dcr-hc52 and its recordsquite well but the video itself will show only the amp(filming myself ruins the sound(you can hear the cleans))
I have couple of options:
Cheap 10$ microphne and sync it with the video of my cam,
or the more versatile way of a sound card/ish.
I can spend a max of 30-50$ for as much audio quality that i could get.
What would you recommend me for that budget?(playing on a 600$ gear(amp+guitar)so im not so picky)
You can use the microphone against the amp but even then it might not work

I used a rockband (the game) mic and it didn't sound that bad. so you could try it that way
with $50 as an upper limit for price, you probably wont get great quality. there are a couple USB microphones in that price range to look at. for ok quality on the cheap i would personally get one of those. a cheap mic into the line in on your soundcard probably wont sound all that great. i mean, nothing is going to be fantastic at that range though. double that to $100 and we can look at a few options, but here, not so much.
few more points that i forgot:
im recording into a laptop witch has ****ty sound card(as pridicted)
im preferring a line in recording tool but if i cant buy a decent tool ill buy a mice.