So i recently bought an Ibanez 7321 and when i bought it, I tuned it down immediately to A standard(to play Korn and Necrophagist songs) and it buzzed. So i brought it to the store I bought it at(a local guitar store) to have it setup(free setups FTW) and I got it back and it still buzzes(although to a MUCH lesser degree. before it was showing up thru the amp, now it isn't which is good.)

I know since it doesn't show through the amp, but I'm a perfectionist and it's bothering me lol. I haven't change strings and it has .09 strings i think, so i'm going to put some bigger strings on it. the only problem is the guy who did the setup said that when I tuned it down, the truss rod bent a little and that's why it started buzzing. So will this happen when I replace strings since they'll be higher gauges, or was it just a weird thing that happend?

Oh, and idk if anyone has noticed this with their guitars, but my 7321 makes this weird noise that sounds like if you pick a bass string really hard(it kinda makes this...idk weird noise...any bass players will know what i mean if they hit a bass string hard with a pick) and I owned a Schecter 7 string previously(which i hated so i returned it) and It didn't do it(but it also buzzed a lot so maybe i just didn't hear it) but if anyone has checked out Korn's first 2 albums, they have it a little bit in some of their songs. So if that a pickup problem, or is it just the way 7 string guitars are?
im switching my strings to 11 heavy's

the easiest thing to do is buy 11 gauge 7 strings, and kill off the 2nd lowest string, thats exactly what slipknot guitarists use (to my knowledge). The string package that i bought actually just has the heavy E string (58)
Slipknot use 6 stringers...

Anyway, have a fiddle with it yourself, by all means until it's sorted, but to be honest, you could hassle the shop and say it's still not perfect, they'd probably do it for you.
The truss rod might bend a bit when you put on a heavier gauge of strings due to the added tension. I would recommend just bringing it back to the shop if you want to restring it if they do setups for free, and watch how they do it should you want to do it yourself at some point.
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from what i hear slipknot uses 11's with just a heavy low E string (which is accomplish by getting the 7 strings and not using the 2 lowest string, or getting a heavy E string set)

dont use 9's for slipknot tho, i tried it and its awful.
If you get a free setups anyway, why don't you take it to theshopbuy some .11s ( I use .11- .50 on my 25.5" scale guitar in D- tuning, basic principal just without the low 7th string), and ask the to set your guitar up for A-Tuning with those?
What happened is the guitar is set up for B. When you tuned down to A you took tension off the strings, and therfore took tension off the neck and truss rod. So the relief you had in the neck with B tuning is now not there with A tuning. Look up some info on adjusting your truss rod. It probably just needs to be loosed by 1/4 turn.
i don't get the whole like "get rid of the 2nd lowest string cuz thats what slipknot does" thing...I like slipknot but I think they use 6 strings...and i;m using a 7 string. And i'm switching it to 10s. I already have a pack. I'm gonna change them and see what happens. But i don't get the whole slipknot thing....lol.
There always will be a little bit of buzz when playing in low tunings, so you're going to have to get used to it... it drove me crazy when I tuned down to C standard and there was buzz on the low C string up to the 7th fret, but I got used to it.
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There always will be a little bit of buzz when playing in low tunings, so you're going to have to get used to it... it drove me crazy when I tuned down to C standard and there was buzz on the low C string up to the 7th fret, but I got used to it.



and i'm not directing this specifically to this guy, I mean everyone who is commenting on this and saying stuff that adheres to 6 string guitars: STOP.

Oh, and to the guy who said to keep the schecter: I hated the guitar. The EMGs in it didn't sound too good and the buzz didn't go away after I got it setup twice, and got it inspected. And it was in standard tuning. The guy at a different guitar store said the frets were messed up, so i just brought it back :P plus the neck was redicluously big lol. I mean it was huge compared to them ibanez. I'm switchin out the pups soon to dimarzios though, mwahahahaha
lol, yeah the necks are bigger. Guess its just personal preference, but I haven't had any problems with mah Loomis. I've always had problems with Ibanez in the past.

Slap some D'addario 10-59's on that bitch and see what happens. You also have to realize that this guitar is an entry level 7 string. If you did mess up the truss rod I'm not sure what to do?
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