idk it looks like a pinch harmonic while pulling the string way off the fretboard
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It looks like he's pulling the string so that it frets against the pickguard of the Tele, then putting it up an octave or two with a Whammy pedal.
its a pedal/effect he uses, can't remember what it is though...

one of those really odd ones, not a whammy
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So I need a whammy pedal? Will a normal whammy or wah pedal suffice?

Whammy pedals affect pitch; wah pedals affect EQ.
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No, wah affects the timbre.

lol wtf?
timbre is how you distinguish one instrument from another (like how you distinguish guitar from violin)

wah just effects eq...
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Ok..so how would I go about doing that string pull? Do I bend the string all the way off the fretboard so that it is resting on the pick guard of the guitar, and then continue to strum the string?
looks to me like he`s just pulling the 1st string off the neck at pickscraping over a small area near the bridge pup

Edit:-i wish my typing was as accurate as my fretting
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lol.. u never try that...

Its easier when u downtune ur guitar cos I sun think with standard tuning u will be able to pull ur string like that...

I think there is one steve vai song that use this technique..

u simply pick the note u want and its like overbending ur high E string until it skid of the fretboard..

I may be wrong.. but give it a try...
Yea tried it in Standard tuning and snapped my string. Huuhh. It looks and sounds so cool though, waiting to get my string fixed then I'll go experiment again.
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No, wah affects the timbre.

I think wah does both to be fair. It definitely effects the E.Q. but you can tell if a wah is there even if its not moving- so it must influence timbre.