Hey y'all, I've always wanted to play bass even before i wanted to play guitar but my friends + family told me to play guitar because bass is Too easy.

Im looking for any bass really. Im not looking for anything in particular. Amp is optional really but both would be nice.

Im willing to pay up to €300-350 for guitar and €60-70 for amp.
Shipping would be a courier service and we'll split costs if thats ok.

Epiphone G-400 Cherry Red
Vox Ad50VT
Buuump, No-one?

Depending on bass , i will raise the price./
Epiphone G-400 Cherry Red
Vox Ad50VT
People with basses tend to be bassists, who you may have put off with the 'bass is too easy' thing. Not me I guess, I opened the thread and that, but my second bass still gets use as the fact that its a passive 4-string makes a nice contrast to my main bass, as active 5-string. Good luck anyways, and have a bump on me.
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Come on , there must be SOMEONE!
It cant be all strats and les pauls being sold. =S
Epiphone G-400 Cherry Red
Vox Ad50VT