Hey guys so I purchased an Ibanez GIO GAX70 around a year ago and I have to say it is one of the worst sounding guitars I've ever laid hands on. No matter what I do, no matter the setting it sounds like it's being run through a tunnel whether clean or not. Although it's about a 200-300 dollar guitar, I was playing far lower quality guitars with better tone.

My first question would be, how much do you think Guitar Center would buy it off me for? I've never sold anything through them and was wondering are there fair or do they buy it and then mark it up 50% to sell it?

My main question is, if I were to pick up some new pickups for it, could it really make a huge difference? I'm not playing at gigs nightly or anything like that, but I have certain standards . I really have no experience with pickups. If I were to buy something like this, am I correct in saying I need to buy two? Or is it a pack of two? Or would it maybe be better to get two different ones? Also, having never done this before, but being pretty handy, would it be a good idea for me to put them on myself?

I just want to know if this is going to give me a nicer tone. I don't play any type of metal and don't need heavy hitting tone, just a nice bright tone to play classic rock type of stuff. Thanks for any help.
Most tone comes from the amp, that could be your problem. Pickups are for more subtle refinements.
Well I don't think it's my amp though, I've got a strat that sounds great and was playing a bunch of high and low end guitars yesterday at guitar center using my exact same amp and nearly all of them sounded much clearer, defined and brighter.
If you need a bright tone to play classic rock, I would suggest saving a little more money and picking yourself up a Fender Mexi-Strat. If you go to a local guitar store and try out a bunch, you can usually find one that sounds just as good as a USA Strat. Also, maybe checking out the PRS SE's? Cheap PRS on Musician's Friend Haven't really played them, but I hear they can be quite good for the bright clean tones.
Gio ibanez`s are bottom of the range so your assumptions about them being superior to anything that falls into the lowend catergory are well unfounded and you discovered this at your expense.

i doubt any music store will buy it from you but would probably sell it on commision, they normally charge 15% to 20% of whatever it sells for, which is going to be very little you`ll be lucky to walk away with 100 bucks.

if you want to sell it, then sell it privately and you may get somewhere closer to 150.
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Yea I did unfortunately discover their poor quality at my own expense, rookie mistake. I guess I am just gonna have to buckle down and get a new axe, perhaps return the acoustic I just bought, as I'd rather spend the money on an electric than an acoustic at this point.

Thanks for the plug on the PRS I'm definitely gonna check them out. Any other recommendations on guitars? I realize this question can get pretty annoying on here but out of all the guitars I played I think I enjoyed the Epiphone Les Paul the most, anything comparable? What would my best choice be you think. Thanks a lot guys definitely saving (well not really ) me some money.