I have had a used Fender Blues DeVille "212" amp for several years and it's always worked great.

Recently though the reverb has started to live a life of it's own. The amp has a simple reverb knob for continuous adjustment (0-10) like for all the other stuff (volume, EQ, etc).

When i play (most of the time keeping the reverb pretty low) and don't touch the amp or the knobs, the reverb turns on by itself, stays on for a moment and then disappears. It has started to do this more frequently. Also, some of the knobs have started to generate a scratchy noise at certain angles when adjusted.

What is wrong and is there anything that an amateur electrician can do about this or is it necessary to take it to a pro? I guess changing the tubes wouldn't hurt either.

I have a another problem concerning a couple of effect pedals that i have. When i use my carl martin's distortion with a power supply adapter (not the original one), i get a pretty loud buzzing noise when i turn the volume anywhere above 3. I got some rechargable batteries and got rid of the noise but those run out of power pretty quickly. I assume that the power supply is faulty? Also, when i use my digitech delay pedal with the batteries (fully loaded) it works fine for about 10 minutes, then it just dies generating a short noise audible through the amp. I guess i have to try with other kind of batteries.
clean the red and white RCA looking jacks and cable tips with contact cleaner.

sounds like something is dirty.

after that, you can move on to the actual reverb knobs 'pot' and see if those parts need cleaning.

after that, I would try replacing the reverb pan itself.

The fact that your reverb turns itself on is wierd, could it be the tube that controls the reverb? Clean the pots and connections first, that is really easy and cheap to buy electronic cleaner spray at radio shack. The scratchiness is a huge sign that your pots are just dirty.

Make sure the voltage, amperage (usally in mA) and polarity match up with the pedals and power supply.
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My guess is that the preamp tube responsible for the reverb is crapping out on you.


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I have the same reverb issues with my 212 .I was wondering if any of the suggestions have helped solve your problems as I am about to take mine in to a local pro.