I just bought a Kramer Striker 100st on eBay, and I was ready to put a tremolo bar on it. It has an original Floyd Rose without fine tuners. There's a little metal button used to plug this hole about the size of a dime where the whammy bar would go. What do I need to set it up to get the whammy bar functioning?

Quote by customisbetter
you need to get that button out of there.

once the button comes off theres just a hole way too big for a tremolo. i mean what do i buy to make it useable. its obvious that im missing some parts
i also have a regular tremolo for a floyd rose, can i buy just an arm holder?
A Popular Bidding Website.. Let's call it "B Day" Will have the Floyd rose Arm and Collet your looking for... Just search Original Floyd Rose.
A Lefty one might be hard to find. I don't know who may have one.
Also That Floyd that you got on the striker now... If it's a lefty original without the fine tuners it might be worth big bucks... Do some research BEFORE hacking and Drilling. ok?