Hey all,

I was at my local guitarshop yesterday and they offer lessons there (Marcel Coenen teaches there, for those of you who've heard of him ). Now I've been thinking about getting lessons for a while but rent, school and all those other joys have been leeching all my money away. However, I've got some money to spend now and I could probably afford a lesson or two.

So basically my question is would just one or two lessons be worth it? Because I figure he could tell me what to practice while on my own, but I could also just look that up on UG. And seeing as I probably won't be getting more lessons any time soon, I'm just wondering if starting something and quitting after two lessons is going to really be helpful.
Yeah I was amazed when I found out it was him! I would be pretty honored just to meet him let alone study music with him

But you're pretty sure that even just two lessons would really help, then? I know it's awesome but y'know, money's a bit tight.
Yes you can get a lot out of a few lessons! I used to take lessons once a week for half an hour and it got to a point where i understood everything but was just a matter of practicing everything. So the lessons started to feel like more of a time waste because i didn't have any questions. Now I take a lesson and practice the stuff until i have it down, then I call my instructor for another lesson when i have the time. It's better to do it that way then to go constantly
Well as long as you come in prepared and now exactly what you want to do and what you hope to learn from the two lessons.

A guitarist could to 10 lessons and never practice the pieces/techniques he was shown until 15 minutes before next weeks lesson, while for example you get two lessons with a 2 week break and practice everyday for 30 mins what you learned in that lesson your going to progress a lot more than someone who doesn't know what their looking for.
Alright I think it's settled then.

I'll just make sure I'll have my own sort of plan beforehand, but I have a relatively clear view of where I want to be as a guitarist so I think that'll be fine.

Thanks for the responses
Yeah also keep in mind that there are little things that can make a big difference and an experienced teacher would readily point out flaws or weaknesses in your playing, as well as strengths etc etc. A little thing like thumb placement, pick angle, guitar neck angle...it could be anything. It could be something you totally overlook but is keeping your playing from moving forward. So, by all means go for it.
Yeah thanks mate, I've got the appointment set. Not entirely sure it'll be Marcel though.. ah well I think any qualified teacher'll do at this stage