I've been using those god awful EB Beefy Slinkys for the past few sets, and i need to find a new brand/gauge. They lose their snap in a day, and the plain steel 3rd is unnaturally hard to intonate, and is way to big for a non wound string.

That being said, is there an 11-56 gauge string set offered from a brand right now? I just need a little extra tension on the lower strings, as the 54 is a tad loose for my tuning.

I did see cleartone makes an 11-56, but they are like 15 bucks, which is ridiculous.

So, anybody have any suggestions?
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there are Jeff Healey DR 10-56's if that would work

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D'Addario is a good brand, imo. I use 12-54 and they work great for low tunings like C Standard. They are about $5. Maybe try 13-56 if the 54 is too loose. They are about $5-$6 as well.
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I use .11 - .56. The brand I use is Elixir and they are the Polyweb coated strings. They have amazing tone and last for months. Unlike other coated strings, they don't feel slimy and weird, they feel like normal strings and can be used for any genre you play.