So im trying to learn my self in sweeping since i have no teacher. since i try stuff im probably not capable of doing i have dove into Metallica's "one" and im working on that. i was also wondering what songs/solos would be a good "learning devise" to help me. Some cool solos are also accepted.
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Have you checked the lessons on here?
If not: http://www.ultimate-guitar.com/lessons/guitar_techniques/guide_to_sweep_picking.html

This is the best lesson to sweep picking. For some songs I'd recommend the solo from Hammerfall - Hearts on Fire (There's a small sweeping section that can REALLY help). There are many more but I can't think about any right now.
Yngwie Malmsteen stuff mainly , but there is good song to start with Adante from the Concerto suite album at 0:59 to 1:27. I think there is a tab in UG somewhere for it ,good luck iam tryin to learn them too :p.