Okay so I was watching this video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GhdI99ncRhA

And every one seems to be judging her by her looks. I even think on the Dean website they have put up her name somewhere.

Yeah I dunno i mean theres thousands of guys on youtube who have put a similar videos and they get hardly looked at.

So yeah does that annoy you?
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personally i found that to be a pretty compelling video, not because it was a girl, and not because she was good, but because it was just weird to look at. She's just so small and calm with such a huge guitar, it was like watching anime :P
she's pretty good. but i don't think she'd record and post a video with a skirt that short if she didn't want some attention for it. my first thought on it.
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It annoys the heck out of me...

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Quote by blue_strat
More to the point, what's she doing out of the kitchen?

but really, the first part was ok other than lacking in a little flow
the rest was just really fast meh...

i prefer playing with a little more soul(like life, not soul music) so it doesn't really bother me in the end
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oh **** me lol not this girl. everyone is saying shes the ****, someone even said shes i quote "the new dimebag". i find that insulting! shes got the idea down, now just learn to play with 4 fingers! she attempts the damn As I Am solo is 2 fingers and it a) looks riduclous and b) sounds even more riduclous!
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id stick my **** in her

Are you telling me theyre out of dragons?
They never had dragons..
Who didnt?
The world..
just very generic playing nothing special.

@glenntheman:- you`d probably get arrested for it...
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The key to her "positive comments" is the fact that she needs to accept them before they appear on her video. Guess which ones she doesn't approve.
Quote by ibanezgod1973
just very generic playing nothing special.

@glenntheman:- you`d probably get arrested for it...

she looks to be atleast 16

Are you telling me theyre out of dragons?
They never had dragons..
Who didnt?
The world..
She has good technique but a bad sense of musicality.
I'm not saying I could do better, but there are better players.

And yes, I think she gets a lot of extra attention because she's a girl. There are better female players, anyway.
Nothing special, both her looks and skills.

BTW, has anyone noticed that giant Spider in the background?
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What's annoying is seeing her plastered everywhere. I'm sick of her and her ****ty guitar playing. She only gets so many hits because she's "hot", and she isn't even all that good looking.
Meh. She's not bad looking, at she's technically better then I am, but I think in terms of musicality some of it was lacking.
I've seen a lot of her videos.

They are entertaining because that Dean Razorback only shows how small she really is. I mean, it's a big guitar, but it's not that big. She makes it look like a baritone fer god's sake...

EDIT: She's ugly. 'Nuff said.
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I'd be more impressed if her playing wasn't 70% effects, if she had the slightest clue how to dress herself properly and if she showed any actual personality. Leona Sharpe would ****ing murder her on stage.

I can't say it annoys me though; I'm just not impressed.

You know what would impress me? If she whipped up a decent rendition of Wonderful Tonight. That would be far, far more impressive than reptitive arpeggio wanking #483765.
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