my friend came over to jam and he brought him dinky something some random model was worth like 200 new.
and i swear it played and sounded better than my jem
theres something wrong with that isnt there...

anyone else had the same experience? A mexican that felt better than a american or a epi that seemed better than a gibson?
My Jackson JS30Ke Kelly, may not be a super expensive axe, but It feels great, sounds great, looks great.
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Okay... I once set up an Ibanez GIO... those begginer Ib's, so well that even the guy who owns the local music store couldn't believe how smooth it played. I reckon he has played a lot of guitars in his lifetime. I thought it played amazing as well!
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I prefer my Carvin over my friend's Jem, my other friend's Jackson SL2, and my cousin's PRS Custom 24. The Jem and Jackson guys agree with me but my cousin loves his PRS... I don't blame him, it's a fine guitar I just like my Carvin better. Then again the Carvin wasn't really cheap... just less expensive than the other guitars.
Yep thats how jackson is all there models are like sex. AND over Ibanez...yeah
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Technology in manufacturing has taken giant leaps with computer controlled routers... made by highly skilled, literate... but cheap labor (such as in China).

The prices are getting crazy low... I'm sure the big boys are sweating more than in the past.
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has anyone actually played a Wangcaster?

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