i'm looking for a multi effector pedal to use at home only. The objective is to play around with effects and get to know them better and add some color to my practise.

I also need one that lets me record into PC and headphones output to play late at night .

Having some kind of drum\bass loops to play along with would also be great but not a must.

Budget 300e max
you can get digitech rp250 or a bigger model
it has eq, volume control, wah, chorus, flanger, phaser, whammy, drum loops, tuner, normal headphone input (1/8 inch), records to pc thru usb2 cable. but digitech is not the greatest brand out there so if you want top quality effects, buy the real pedals separately

oh and its $100-150 depending on where u get it
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yeh i already have OD boost and EQ analog pedals but they are only to play loud so i want something to play around with. I'll check the rp250 thanks

more suggestions are welcome
The Zoom isn't bad. I'm actually looking at some of the bigger MFX boards (Boss GT-10, Vox Tonelab LE, Zoom), but I'm gunna be using whatever I buy for live use as well.

The Boss stuff is really great, and my friend and producer likes the Tonelab and we've used some Zoom stuff in the studio. For some reason, the Digitech stuff doesn't really do it for me. Plus, I for live situations, I need to be able to switch between patches with more flexibility than scrolling up and down.

If you try the RP and like it, then go for it, but I think you would be better off looking into different brands.
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Used GNX4 or Rp355. The GNX4 has an 8 track recorder/looper/drum machine/MP3 Backing track player. The RP355 has drums and limiter looper. The Pod XT/X3 doesn't have drums.
I have the Boss ME-50 and am currently in the process of replacing it with individual units. Individual units will always sound better but I'm sure you know this. I really like my ME-50 for messing around with headphones and stuff. And I use it with my band to supplement my other pedals (in my signature).
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