85 MIJ Fender Contemporary Tele or Fender classic Strat 70's edition
also 1983 Ibanez Artist or the fender classic

im thinking of trading my fender classic , and these are the deals they are saying
What genre of music, what amp, preference of body wood, bridges, neck profiling, anything?
im getting a vypyr 60 tube amp, and im more interested in playing metal than anything else, but i will occasionally play the other stuff as well
None of the above? None of those guitars are ideal for what you're playing, really.
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fender classic strat 70's edition + Vox 15 watt amp ($200 new, so $120 used or something) or a 1979 vintage greco GO-II 950
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use the quote button instead of reposting, youll get reported for it, be careful. and if you want a metal guitar i would stay away from fender. look more at ibanez or schecter
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Do not post multiple times in a row. People aren't helping because you haven't provided us with any information, as requested in the rules.
ok, wont do multiple thing

but basically i put up my fender on craigslist and im getting offers, which i dont know if they are good enough. Im looking for either a metal guitar or a sick deal that i can easily trade off the guitar i receive for a metal guitar (ex, i trade my fender for some sick $1200 guitar, and then can easily trade that off)
None of those guitars are very metal-friendly, they're all single coil instruments except the artist which is a semi-hollow.
ok, thought as much, but what about price-wise, am i getting a good deal with the strat+amp for vintage greco GOII 950? .. i cant find much about it online
If that Tele has humbuckers, go for that. I have an '85 MIJ Strat and it's absolutely phenominal. I mean mind-blowingly good. Even for the price. Even just being a guitar. It's an absolute gem. Only £150 from my local pawn shop! How lucky am I!?

Go for the Tele. The Classic Strat itsn't suited to your taste. The Tele will please you! So versatile, and they're going up in value. It beats my RG. A £400 RG. And a £700 Razorback. Go figure. They're too good to pass up.
Time is a great teacher. Unfortunatly, it kills all of its pupils.
And don't listen to the 'Oh it won't do metal because it says Fender on it.'

They're wrong. I love this guitar. My heirs will have to pry it from my cold, dead hands.
Time is a great teacher. Unfortunatly, it kills all of its pupils.