hey im thinking about buying some new stings, i wanted my strings to be slappable, but not so thin they produce string rattle, i heard that flatwounds are good for slapping and sliding on.

any suggestions?

also what are HEX-cores?
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Flatwounds aren't really good for slapping. Flatwounds give a big heavy thump, where as for slapping you'll want a bright zingy sound (unless, you do actually want a dull smooth sound). I find standard gauge work best for slapping. To light a gauge and the strings dig into your fingers when popping, and too heavy a gauge and the you won't get a good response when slapping, IMO. I suggest you start with standard gauge then experiment with other gauges to find what works best for you.

I think hex-cores are when the core of the string are hexagonal shaped.
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Get the string gauge that suits your string tuning. Standard = light/medium, Low tunings = heavier gauges. Stainless steel strings are the best for slap. They might sound pretty thin to you at first, as for string rattle, that depends on your bass's action on your playing. Flatwounds are not good for slap, but are great for sliding on. Hexcores are a bit stiffer than roundcore strings, ideal for slapping.

String suggestion: DR's Lo-Riders.