hi, i changed p-ups for a tone zone bridge and air norton neck, but my solid state stagg amp does not handle it well, and thought maybe a full tube amp would sound much better for rock- hard rock -metallica style

have been thinking about a peavey valveking ( 400 euro's in the netherlands )

but i hope you could advise me a bit

ps. guitar is a s470

edit: reason for new amp is the bad distortion because my amp does not handle high output humbuckers well, cleans are good though but are not that important,

i also have a boss mt2 and boss gt8 for effects/distortion
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What type of tone are you aiming for? Name some bands.

Also, unless your mt2 is modded then you would probably be better off taking it out of the picture.
Get rid of the metal zone, or mod it.
+1, answer all of i_am_metalhead's questions.

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Did you like your tone before you changed pups? If so then just change back.
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You can't get the Metallica tones with a Valveking stock. You could use your Metal Zone, but I hear the tone in those is only good if you mod it (Keeley mod it).

I would recommend waiting for that new 6505+ 112 combo to come out. That's more geared for the high gain stuff.
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