The other day a guy from around town put on a slide guitar & harmonica workshop so me and my friend decided to go. We learned alot, we played some old blues songs, some muddy waters and the sort. I was wondering if you'd be so kind to help point me in the right direction for the next step. Who should i look up? What are some good easy slide songs i can play around with? Any and all input will be appreciated!
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Check out the riff to Slide Away by Whitesnake.

And Rory Gallagher, he's quite an awesome slide player.
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Derek Trucks and Duane Allman are both very good people to aim for. For a slightly more fusion-y take on it look into Brett Garsed and see if you can find any viedos of Guthrie Govan doing some slide work, Guthrie doesn't do huge amounts of it but what he does do I have found to be pretty damn flawless.

Edit: There's always the Freebird intro as well
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