Can anybody recommend me a manufacturer?

Originally I was gonna try and get my hands on the Bourns low-friction pots found in the new EVH Wolfgang but they only go to 250K or 500K and I can't seem to find if they go to 1 Meg.

On a side note, can anybody tell me the advantage of a low-friction pot?
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i just bought generic ones for my guitar, pots are pretty standard as far as electrical components go

as for low friction... there is less friction so it twists easier, due to the larger surface area causing more friction this is good for larger pots
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Unless you think it's too hard to turn regular pots I wouldn't worry about low friction. CTS pots are fine and should come in pretty much any size and value you could want.
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1 meg pots?

any reason why that value? I've always found 500k to be sufficiently bright in just about any guitar...
CTS makes a decent quality 1meg, but I think you're going to hate the result. I have yet to find a guitar that likes a 1meg pot.
I have a Fender Jaguar project in mind and i'm going to use 4 1Meg pots.

Actually the low friction pot doesn't sound so bad when I have pots in the top section

To be honest, my Epiphone's got 4 500K pots, so i'm used to it, but I wanna see what 4 1Meg pots would yield on my pickups aside from a brighter sound. Plus I intend to have coil-tap, phase, and series on it.

On my stock Fender Jaguar, the volume and tone pots on the bottom turn easy and fast. On the top bout it takes a few turns to go from 0 to Max
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