(Edited the music files after some suggestions
Changes made to Bass Track, Rhythm, Solo and Pre-Chorus)

Hey all,

I wanted to write something nice and chilled and ended up with what I think is quite a cool double fingerpicked guitar song. Let me know what you think.

Crit for Crit

(Any suggestions for a bass track would be well received)
Evening Sunshine v3.gp4
Evening Sunshine v3.gp5
Evening Sunshine v3.mid
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Nice intro, sets up a really chill vibe. The second guitar sounds great when it comes in, really compliments the original riff.

The rythym guitar does get a bit stale though, so I think you should change up the rythym during verse 1b and the chorus.

The prechorus feels a bit empty, maybe you could add some arpeggios for the other guitar to play.

The solo is perfect in the context of the song, but it's lacking something, which I think could be fixed by delay.

Really like the fade out and back in part; didn't expect it at all.

Add bass to what you've got and I think the only problem would be the length (which can be fixed by adding a bridge or building on current section).

I've posted my attempt at bass (no capo on the bass) and the delay on the solo. Hope it's good.
Evening Sunshine V2.zip
Hey thatchrisguy, Thanks for your input - that's awesome critting! I have kept your bass (better than anything i could come up with! - thanks man) I messed around with the levels a bit on the solo delays as well - think it sounds pretty good now.

I have also dramatically changed the pre-chorus (added a jumpy finger riff and changed the levels) - adds some more interest I think as you suggested.

I have put up the newest version (v3) into my original post. Any more thoughts from anyone?
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*Picks up TT like handbag and smacks you over the head like an angry granny *
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Latest Songs & Poems

[thread="1404112"] Blaze (Music)[/thread]
[thread="1207211"] Evening Sunshine (Music)[/thread]
[thread="899566"] To Wonder (Music)[/thread]
Hey, I'm glad you liked the bass and I'm happy to help. I really like that little riff you put over the pre-chorus, I fills out the sound a lot more. The song's sounding really good now, I just listened to a few more times myself; your chorus is so catchy!

If you have time, please check out my newest song:
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Nice one, mate. I found it pretty interesting. Although, at times I felt it was somewhat repetative, but it's not anything to worry about, as it would sound great with vocals. The solo was pretty cool, but something about it didn't feel right, like it didn't need to be there. The fade in, fade out thing had me by suprise, but I didn't feel it was necissary.

Overall though, it was interesting and I wanted to listen to it from start to finish.

EDIT: Even after the crit I had another listen. =)
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Nice melodic intro, the way you slowly introduce more and more instruments is quite nice. I'd change the drums on the prechorus. Chorus doesn't need the repetition, its good though if you plan on having vocals. Solo was nice. I'm starting to dislike the way drums disappear during the verse and then come in all of a sudden in the prechorus.

Overall, a nice song. Drums need a lot of work, prechorus guitars are hmm, missing something. Maybe guitar pro makes the strumming sound bad. Or you could have (i think it was said earlier by someone) one guitar strumming and the other one doing slow arps or something.

Crit please?
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I really liked this ... after I muted out the distortion guitar. I found that once you took out the distortion guitar the whole piece was less cluttered and I could hear what was going on more. Once this was solved it was a great piece to listen to.

I listened all the way through and really enjoyed it ... top marks from me!! :-)

Not much of a crit I know but apart from the distortion guitar there isn't anything I would change!

If you could have a listen to evening sunshine (link in my sig) that would be cool.

hey thanks a lot for your crit man !
and man your right , its to noisy ! changed the distortion's guitar volume and its a lot better now imo ! thanks again

anyway here's my crit

im not going into detail , cuz every section is good and there are no real flaws or anything.
so , overall i really liked it !

allthough a few small things , i thought the early fade-out in the outro was cinda weird , and the whole thing was very short , i think this would be turn out great if it was longer and with a little break or bridge or something along the line.

so i quess its good for what it is , but it could be much more and better