A song written my drinking days, back when I was really down. Been sober for 2 years now, and I've never been happier. Crit for crit.

The Narrative of Al Cole

I don’t know what it takes
Or if I’ll have the strenght to
I’m boiling up with fear
Don’t know if I can get you
Our time has come
Can’t see there after
I feel like I’m dying
Everyone just hears laughter

Come together
Make me feel like I’m here
Need my friend Jack
Don’t want to disappear
Some people smoke the herb
Others shoot it up their veins
But me and my friend Jack
Will never turn to them

Knocks out the blood in my veins
And a rush of blood
Goes to my brain
All the faces change
But stay the same
Will I ever
Be this glad again

And the sun sets slow
I can’t see tomorrow
But at the end of the glass
I’ll wash away all sorrow
You say you can not reach me
You say you can’t get through
I’ll have to return
Since I gave up on you