So I played one of these at the guitar shop yesterday. It sounded very good, but that might have just been the amp. It looks amazing and I love the big fretboard inlay design. I have always wanted something like that on my guitar. So I have a few questions. Is this guitar really worth saving up for? How much money should it cost? It was about $960 Canadian dollars at the store. Is that how much they usually go for? Anyone have experience with this guitar? Tell me what you know about it and if it really is worth it. And one last question. What is up with the 5 way switch??? There is only two pickups, so im kinda confused as to what a 5 way switch would do?

Thanks a lot

EDIT: I play mostly metal but I do a lot of other stuff that is clean.
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The 5-way switch splits the humbuckers, for moar tonal options.

It's very well built and has quality parts. The neck is very round and quite deep, if you're into that kind of thing. It's pretty light for a mahogany guitar, and it can do most anything.

I've been told the Washburn X series are similar for a smaller price, but I haven't tried those. Do check them out, though. Washburn are known for good value fo' money.
I really love these guitars and they're definitely worth the money. They're built very nicely, they're reliable and they come with a pair of Seymour Duncans which sound great.

If I were you I would check ebay for one though. $960 seems a bit steep.

As for the 5 way mega switch it works something like this:

Position 1: full power BRIDGE Humbucking sound.
Bridge pickup (series)

Position 2: single coil sound with hum cancel.
Bridge & neck pickup's
Parallel (bridge pickup's bridge side coil & neck pickup's bridge side coil)

Position 3: full power Humbucking sound with hum cancel.
Series (bridge pickup's neck side coil & neck pickup's neck side coil)

Position 4: single coil sound with hum. cancel.
Parallel (bridge pickup's neck side coil & neck pickup's neck side coil)

Position 5: Full power NECK Humbucking sound.
Neck pickup (series)

Basically it's really versatile.
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