Just wrote these lyrics pretty quickly. They may be pretty blah and generic on paper, but oh well. I just met for the second time with a guy who I'm gonna be working on originals with, and he came to me with a guitar part and asked me to put lyrics to it, so this is what I came up with:

Leave this here
Don't pick it up too swiftly
It's not my fear
I just can't see you with me

And time is calling
And falling in love is out of the question
It's understood that we could both be lovers
Just don't misunderstand my intention

Please no tears
You knew that this was coming
My exit nears
and I want to go off-roading

and time is calling
and following this road is out of the question
please understand the sand falls all too quickly
explicitly stating my next move

Until the day we meet again let's stay the way we are
Next time around may not be entirely too far
away from you, this time i'll spend discovering myself
so let me go, you never know when i may need your help

Thanks for reading and any critiques you may have!