Thinking about getting new pickups for my mexi Telecaster - I mostly play alternative rock, blues, and like psychedelic 60's stuff. For example my favourite bands are: cream, Hendrix, Radiohead, The Mars Volta and Red Hot Chili Peppers. So I want something to go with this kind of sound. Also, I will be playing out of a Fender Blues Junior amp, but I don't want anything too bluesy. The stock pups that came with my Tele arn't the best, and I'm looking to upgrade.
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I went with Lindy Fralins in the thinline I put together. I really like them. They seem like a better value than the Fender replacements I went with in my strat.
there is only one replacement pickup for telecasters....


On a more serious note, Seymour Duncan antiquities are divine.
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The Don Mare Zep-O-Tones sound like exactly what you need.

Also look at Bareknuckle, Wolfetone, Lollar, Fralin, etc. etc.

But the Zep-O-Tones sound really great...
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