A sexy view of the bass + couch coverings.

Another sexy bass pic, with my dad's car/driveway in view. (Yes, thats a giant backgammon board)

Anyways. I a few pros and cons so far.

Active electronics sound good, but I hate having to remember batteries.
I love having a mid EQ, I hate only having treble/bass, or worse, "tone" knobs.
Very nice neck, not a fat one, but substantial enough to feel good. Not to thin either.
Sexy, this bass is sooooo sexy. If it were a woman (A mod I'll work on) I'd totally be doing it.

Now some cons

This thing is freaking heavy as hell. I read reviews saying it was heavy, but daaaamn.
Very bright, I like bright basses, but this one is a little too bright. Fixable with EQ though.
The string saddles need to be set up better, theres a few "dead" frets and plenty of buzzing on the G and higher up on the D and A.]

Overall, for 200$ and an hour of driving, it kicks ass. I have a gig tomorrow, so wish me luck!

EDIT: FUUUUUUUU. This isn't the bass forum
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Quote by MadAudioMan

Very bright, I like bright basses, but this one is a little too bright.

Looks like you got a maple fretboard, maple always produces really bright. I like my Strats that way, my sister has a rosewood fretboard on her strat which is an 07 or 08, still prefer the maple on my 88
^Yeah, my Yamaha strat has a maple fretboard which gives it a nice bright tone. But its a little much with the bass. Also the grain of the neck/fretboard is sexy, its got some flame going on around the sides and back of the neck.