Right now, I'm just playing an SG standard through a Traynor YCV40WR. My band plays kind of bluesy indie. But basically my staple sound is a light overdrive. The Traynor is definitley getting the job done, but I have some cash to spend, and I the sound is a light "thin."

I definitley need a pedal tuner. I am thinking the Korg Pitchblack. It's true bypass and it tunes guitars. Sounds good. Other thoughts, recommendations?

I could get an overdrive. Basically I would want something light (not heavy), but "full sounding". That's my one complaint with my amp. If I don't dial in heavy overdrive, it sounds kinda thin. The clean channel and higher gain settings sound really rich and full, and I like that, but for what we play, I need a kind of light overdrive sound. I am thinking maybe an OCD, or Kelley Blues Driver, but they are kind of expensive.

Something else I would use is a delay. With a delay I would want something kinda trippy, not just something to beef up leads. I would love to just get the pitchblack, OCD, and a carbon copy, but I don't want to spend that much right now. Let's say I want to spend $200 total. I don't think I need a board (yet), so all I'd need would be a power supply and daisy chain to power them (I believe the pitchblack can do this).

My Gear:

Gibson SG Standard (heritage cherry)
Traynor YCV40WR
Korg Pitchblack
Fulltone Fulldrive 2

Blackstar HT-5 mini-stack
Fender MIM Strat (black)
Dunlop Crybaby
no suggestions??
My Gear:

Gibson SG Standard (heritage cherry)
Traynor YCV40WR
Korg Pitchblack
Fulltone Fulldrive 2

Blackstar HT-5 mini-stack
Fender MIM Strat (black)
Dunlop Crybaby
The OCD isn't a light overdrive by any means.

You also have way more options than a Carbon Copy, which many consider to be pretty lifeless for an analog delay. Considering you want a "trippy" delay, I'd recommend something like the Nova Repeater.

As for overdrive, on the cheaper side, the Danelectro Transparent OD is supposed to be great. The DigiTech Bad Monkey is a perennial favorite as a boost. On the more expensive side, there's the Maxon OD808 as well.
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If you don't want to spend much at the moment, why don't you wait for a while until you get a bit more cash?

If you don't want to and want to SPEND RIGHT NOW, the Pitchblack would be a great tuner for you. Maybe something like an Electro-Harmonix Memory Boy for your delay, it's got a nice warm tone; although you want something "trippy", I don't know if the Memory Boy's "trippy".
For your overdrive, the Digitech Bad Monkey is a dirt-cheap boost that's well within your budget. Or maybe a ProCo Rat or something?
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I would second the Danelectro Transparent OD, it's sweet, true bypass, and cheap. What else could you ask for? The planet waves tuner pedal is also a good alternative to any pedal tuner. It's cheap and good. Super easy to read.