I would probably get it in white, but who knows. I tried it at guitarcenter and it was wonderful. Played just how I want a guitar to play. And it has a tremolo that's not locking! Which is EXACTLY what I am looking for.

But I'm concerned about it's quality. I mean, at that price, one of us (buyer or seller) has to be getting jipped. So I was wondering, would it be worth it to just upgrade the crap out of it, or just look for something else. Because I played many different guitars today at GC (mostly around the $500-$750 range) and they all just weren't "it", y'know? But when I played this, it was amazing! I didn't get to try it out with the tremolo arm, but it can't be much different than any other non-locking trem system.

All I could think of upgrading would be the pick-ups which sounded good enough for me to wait to upgrade (though everything sounds the same through my Spider III) and install locking tuners so I don't go from standard to drop "%^&$* i need to tune AGAIN!!!" when I use abuse the tremolo.

And I will be upgrading my amp, probably to either a Peavey ValveKing 112 or a B-52 AT-112.

Budget: about $600 (for the guitar only. My overall budget is $1100 if i sell my current gear for $350)
Styles: Metalcore is my main focus.

Tell me what you think!
i would say buy a guitar that's as expensive as you can in your budget will allow. buying a guitar just to upgrade it might not be the best choice. the ibanez S series is pretty good in my opinion, maybe sell all that stuff and get a prestige? i had to change the pickups on my prestige even, though. but if you really dig that guitar, try it out a few more times before getting it.
good luck
thanks for the links! I'm not a fan of the 32EXFM's looks, so I might just go with the 32EX. But I'll be scrolling around google to see what the EXFM looks like in real life.

The S series looks pretty nice, but I don't want a double-locking tremolo. I don't want to hassle with them as I'm not yet in a dedicated band and I like to change tunings often. This is why I like the SA32EX and the RG120 is because of their non-locking tremolo's.
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