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Before the thread is closed I will say whatever floats your boat, there are different ways to use both picks and fingers so they can be used for any genre.
A good bassist should be proficient with both. They both have their uses in every genre, just use your ears.
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A good bassist should be proficient with both. They both have their uses in every genre, just use your ears.

This, I like being able to use both give me more room for possibilities.
The politically correct answer is "either one can be used for any genre" but the truth is different styles work better for different genres. Picking has a harder attack which most would say is good for metal, punk, hard rock, etc. and fingerstyle has a fuller tone, which some would say is better for soft rock, ska, r&b, etc. Whatever sound you like better just go with. I would suggest fingerstyle because it's easier to learn, and you don't have to worry about buying picks.

Of course there's also slap and thumb technique...
I use neither. All of my right hand attack comes from the search bar.

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Fingerstyle. I have nothing against picks; they just don't get a loud enough sound from my Olympia.

eh... how's that?

Picks are usually louder than fingers
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eh... how's that?

Picks are usually louder than fingers

On guitar, not bass. On bass, picks don't get as much low end.
i say finger-style. i prefer the sound of it rather than pick playing.
i use my finger most of the time and i normally play metal/hard rock/rock/funk but i use a pick when i play punk or some metal songs that i feel it sounds better with a pick.
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Fingerstyle. You can get by with fingerstyle on a picked song, but youd never be able to fake through a fingestyle song with a pick

Plus the tone is just fuller and warmer with your fingers, and I personally just like dark warm sounds
Fingerstyle has a lower, dull sound with more sustain. Pick has a brighter attack with more treble and less sustain. You can play very fast with a pick, although you can reach similar speeds if you practice enough fingerstyle. I use a pick most of the time, but it's best to use both.
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jazz bass.

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I definitely prefer using my fingers, and I do maybe 70% of the time, but I do own picks and can pick on my bass at will. It just all depends on what sound you want to achieve.
Use both.
I like using picks when I'm playing punk rock, or rock really, but at school I play in the school jazz and marching band, and I only use fingers.
I'm happy I know how to do both, it will make you a better player being good at both.
i like to use a pick, but only becuase i play guitar alot more than bass and im better at using a pick than fingerstyle
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