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I've been playing for little over a year I've made alot of progress. here's the thing i want to play the blues but i dont have a good enough idea of how to lay the blues so if anyone would be so kind as to make up a nice tab or something that'd be neat i promise that'd it'd be for my own uses while practicing only.

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Who are your favorite blues artists?
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theres lots of tabs for blues songs on this site if thats what your asking, if you want to learn how to play the blues learn the minor pentatonic scale and the 12 bar blues then start listening to blues songs and see if you can pick up on the style of play
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Listen to the anything > the 50s.

There you will find your blues.

Also SRV and Eric Johnson.
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GibsonGuy, how are you defining 'the blues'? styles? rhythms? tempos? licks? tricks? standards? solos? any particular song?

You've asked to have an entire genre to be tabbed out, did I read that correctly?