This is just a quick poem I wrote today. It may be hard to understand for most people. Since its pretty much directed to people with a very self conscious personality.


Just a faint memory of you. A photograph in my mind. Id like to take another look, another photograph. But I'm afraid we will make eye contact.

With your plaid mini skirt and black eye liner. I question this, are you like the others? But the real question is why am I so obsessed with you. Who are you really? I'm sure you have only a select few friends that you ever talk to. They don't fit in to the crowd. You however, put a effort in to try. But the problem is the clothing isn't enough. Its the personality that holds you back. You are a shy person. You weren't always this way but now a simple "hello" takes a whole days courage. You are self conscious and always check the mirror after pumping yourself up for a good half an hour before you ever leave the house. Even to go to the corner store. You constantly check your hair, your posture... everything that could make you imperfect. But only when nobody is around or nobody will notice.

As I stare at your Chuck Taylor shoes I see you lift your hand off your knee. I follow it up to a small knot in your hair. You notice me watching and instead of untangling the knot, you cover it up and pretend to use your hand as a headrest. A small stream of blood runs from my nose and drips off my lip. You try to hide a smile as we accidentally lock eyes when I get up out of my seat across from you. Now I know who you are. As you blush and turn away I cant help but feel something is lost. But at least now you know that someone has lived your life. And that someone is very fond of you.

I know you understand I am not ill.
But I must leave as I fear if I stay here, I will die from blood loss.
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