So are they about the same or does the 75 watt have better tone?
I've generally been told that the more watts the better tone at higher volumes than better tone in general
Any suggestions for one of these?
That rule generally applies to tube amps. The peavey vypyr 30 is solid state so when you crank it the tone generally stays about the same or breaks down a little. Im not totally sure but I think the 75 watt is tube. That would be your best bet.
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The 75 watt is a solid state as well actually.
The 60 watt has the solid state/tube hybrid functionality. I think it's a 120 watt that also has that.

If you're looking for a good practice amp any of the Vypyr's are a good choice, good quality amp for solid-state.
So basically I can get the 30 watt for practice and I should be alright?
I have EMG's, will the 30 watt handle these well?