I recently bought an Ibanez 7321. it is my first 7 string And it's really cool, I liek the feel and the pups are alright. The only problem is that when I play the low B and low E strings, it makes this weird sound, like when you hit a bass string really hard. I have the guitar tuned down to A, with the strings that were on it when I bought it. I believe they are .09 gauge but I could be wrong. Anyways, is this soudn from the strings beign too loose(i need to buy heavier gauges), the pickups, am i picking too hard, or is that how 7 strings are supposed to sound?

For a better description of the sound, anyone who listens to Korn will notice their guitars have it on most of the songs off their album Take A Look in the Mirror, and their first album has it on a few songs. It's not buzz, it just sounds like when you hit a bass string too hard. Panic Attack by Dream Theatre also has a similar sound, although it is much less apparent(idk if thats because of the way they mix it, or if they are tuned to B so the strings are less loose).

Please help