I have a jt-220, and I'm thinking of getting a bugera v55hd and some cab, probably a 212 by them as well. I know tube heads usually have to be cranked to sound optimal, but is 55 TUBE watts alot for practice? Seeing as how I can't have it fully cranked all the time.

I play classic and modern rock and blues. But I like cleans too. So should I upgrade my pups? Humbuckers cuz it's a lp
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55 watts tube its very ****ing loud. I own a 50 watt tube amp and have used the volume above 5 only once. When i practice i use it at about 1-1,5... But i can tell you tube amps sound amazing regardless of their volume.
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You don't NEED to crank valve amps to get them to sound GOOD, so don't worry - They just sound their 'best' when pushed.
55 watts of valve amp is very very loud.
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same situation here as Calvero mate. However i must say that 55W is a ****load of power for practice

If you use it for gigs and such then its a really good choice, but for practice sessions only its a little excessive