Hey guys, quick question - I need a hardshell for my F-401. However, due to its weird ass shape I have had no luck. Even the case made by ESP SPECIFICALLY FOR THE F SERIES doesn't fit it or the the F-100. So I was wondering if anyone here who has either model could help me out. Thanks in advance
Why wont it fit?
Make a custom case.
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Quote by Bottle of Dirt
Why wont it fit?
Make a custom case.

I don't know. All I know that the case "fits all F-series guitars except the F-400 and F-100"

I suppose I could go custom, but I'd probably cut off all my fingers on the bandsaw I don't have. Then what would the point of having a guitar be?

*Coffin Cases*

Are they extra roomy or customizable or something? And which one would you reccomend?