I just finished a song two days ago that had been in the works for about two months. I put a lot of effort into it; however, now that I am trying to work on a new song, my mind is a little jumbled up and I'm having trouble coming up with some ideas for this new song.

The new song idea that I'm trying to portray lyrically is titled, "Coming From Behind." I used to play baseball in college and an old teammate of mine, who was the captain of the team, role model to me, and overall great person ran into some tough times which derailed a lot of promising future plans for him. He went through a bad case of depression and started making some bad life decisions, turning him into a totally different person that was now a follower, weak and insecure.

He came to me broken one night looking for help, which I gladly gave, forcing him to remember that he did have value and worth. He eventually got clean again and is now one of the most successful high school baseball coaches in the state of Virginia.

I am trying to write a slower tempo, country song that tells a heart felt story about this friend of mine's struggle with adversity, relating it to baseball entitled "Coming From Behind."

Any lyrical ideas or ideas period that could help me get out of this writer's block I'm having would be greatly appreciated. His birthday is coming up in about a month and I wanted to surprise him with this song for his birthday, in the presense of all of his close friends and family that also helped him come back. I would greatly appreciate any guidance or help.
i dunno, the beginning could be something along the lines of
"Remember standing at the plate?
How it took you so much heart
to get up the nerve to swing
and then take your running start
i watched you stumble
between home
and somewhere safe
lost between the lines
forgettin the first base."


if you like that at all, feel free to use
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That sounds great! I appreciate the help! That just got me rolling with a lot of new ideas! I'll keep you posted as I get further into it. Sounds like you might be a good source for ideas and critique as I go along, if you don't mind me keeping you posted. You can never have too many sources for help in the not so public world of songwriting...Thanks again!
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