Like the title says i need help picking out a new bass. My parents have said a price of around $1000(AUD). I want something that can be used for most styles and is really comfortable to play. i had my eye on a fender jazz at a local store and if nothing better comes along will probably get that. if i could would like to get a 5-string, but it is not vital. all suggestions welcome.
If you really like the jazz, go for it. Its a great bass, extremely versatile, and it sounds like your comfortable to it. It also sounds like an Ibanez or a Schecter would suit you well. If you looked around, you might be able to find a used Warwick or something too

EDIT: maybe a 5 string Jazz if your looking for a 5-er
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I'm a fan of the Jazz bass. Musiciansfriend has a Deluxe Active Jazz Bass V for $880 USD, which looks to be $1022 AUD
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