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I'm trying to record using a Peavey Classic 30 that is set up with a Weber attenuator before the speaker to a Echo Gina 24/96 audio interface. The amp has no direct out jack, but the attenuator does. If I am running a line from the direct out jack of the attenuator to the audio interface, can I disconnect the line from the attenuator to the speaker to record silently?
I would say no because the attenuator simply eats some of the load from the amp and passes the rest to the speaker. So without the speaker, it would still be looking to pass the reduced the amp signal to somewhere. I may be wrong though as I don't have one, I don't even have an amp, but thats my understanding of how they work. Is it a tube amp, or a solid state amp.
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It's a tube amp. Hmm I think you may be right, however I have noticed that the amount of attenuation has no effect on the sound of the signal going to my audio interface. The signal at maximum attenuation is the same as when there is no attenuation. The attenuation only seems to affect the signal being sent to the speaker.
Does the signal sent to the interface have any wattage?, if so, your computer will fry.
it should be fine, if your attenuator has a line out it's almost definitely designed to work as a dummy load in addition to just an attenuator. Check the attenuators manual to be sure though.
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I have a quick update on this in case anyone else comes across the same issue in the future:

I e-mailed the guys at Weber attenuators to ask about this, and they said that it is alright to disconnect the attenuator from the speaker while using the direct line to record silently. My amp seems to handle this fine.