this is a really cool song man. not really jazz but i like it a lot. its pretty obvious you wrote it in guitar pro though
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What do you mean by it being obviously written in guitar pro?

IE, impossible fingerings etc?
This is awesome, but playability is a concern, though.

The beginning has a kind of Circa Survive feeling to it, in my opinion (this is good). I really enjoy this type of layering done with different instruments; I'd love to hear this with some nice, melodic basslines, assuming you're going to write bass (which you should; it'd really fill out the sound).

My favorite part has got to be the riff that starts at Bar 18, the chord slide the second guitar does is just perfect.

I aslo think the odd time signatures and your sycopation in the drums are great.

The problem I really have with this piece is the when the distorted guitars come in. Compositionally it works and it flows very well, but it sounds too familiar to me. I was going to complain about the rythym being too straightforward but then you brought back the 7/8 time signature just in time. Maybe change the breakdown-style rythym in bars 70-72 to something a bit more complex (maybe a rythmic pattern that lasts constantly changes throughout the 3 bars, never repeating).

Other than that, I'd say 8.5/10. I'm excited to hear the finished product. Just one thing, is this going to be instrumental or not (because if it's not I think clean vocals throughout would be great; please don't put screams over the distorted section, because this piece seems to be all about melody).

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Last few notes in bar 3: the guitars by themselves sound fine but together i didnt like it.

The drums in the rif***e from bar 45 to like 49 are meh. I think the end should continue with that riff to the very end and fade out vs just stopping like you did.

Otherwise was good, i enjoyed it. The song could actually work as an instrumental imo.
definetly a cool piece. I liked how the two guitars interacted throughout the clean section. I can really imagine the ethereal sound of this in a recorded version, heavily drenched in reverb/delay/chorus.
This is obviously WIP, so I'll look forward to having a bass in there. The fingerings are challenging, but I've seen nothing impossible, though some things can of course be cleaned up with better position-playing, but that's personal choice.
Somehow I think the piece would profit from having some lush synths (maybe a rhodes or a pad) under some of the earlier clean sections. My favorite part has to be definetly the section starting from bar 14, it really pulls you in and is the closest thing the piece seems to have to a 'hook' so far. Great stuff. For some reason I imagined the drums in the early section to be played by an electro sampler. Must be the hihat diddles that give those a slightly drum'n'bass-y feel.
As for the distorted outro, it seems you held the pulloff-thing in D slightly tooo long (well, throughout the whole section). Someone suggested splicing things up with a 'true' breakdown somewhere in there, I could see that work. Or a sweeping (the feeling, not the technique) chordal section, or some variation in the tempo feel (maybe doubletime, etc) of the piece.

Anyway, I'm sure it will turn out fine. Personally I'd not be averse to some screaming vocals over the outro, but yeah the clean sections will sound best with clean vocals (bonus points for ethereal harmonized vocals with a vocoder effect). If you don't include vocals, this can stand alone as an instrumental postrock piece, no problems.
Great stuff, keep it up