Bought this thing a little while ago. I'm thinking that it might be a little more of a serious tool than I am a guitarist but before I do anything like sell it I'd like to learn some more of it's functionality.

Is there anyone on here who uses this regularly and could help give a little insight? I understand the basics of it's operation but am interested in what you might calls it's features. For some reason I'm just realizing that I have the ability to download different tone files which is pretty awesome. Anyone know of any good sites that have different band settings/files?

I realize that line 6 has a whole community site setup but I thought I'd talk to the UG community a little before I dove straght into that one. I appreciate whatever input you have.
For tones that you can download, check out www.CustomTone.com - redirects you to a line 6 site, choose your product, then search for who/what band's or whatever tone you'd like & hit download, you can transfer them through Line 6 Monkey. Note that you have to make an account on the site before you can download, pretty sure it's free. As for other features, not completely sure what you wanna know, ask anything else & i'll give as much info as possible.
Use Gearbox and make some presets of your own. That's the best way to learn about it. Even if you download preset tones they will likely need to be tweaked to sound good. That's because everyone uses a different amp and that radically affects the sound. So unless you know how to use the X3, downloading presets and not knowing how to tweak them is going to lead to disappointment.