ive found several videos of two different performances, new orleans and houston tx (which i was at) and ive downloaded a few. the first few times i heard the song, i thought it was in that Bb tuning that he uses with alter bridge for "broken wings", "come to life", and "the damage done". in standard tuning, this would be, from low to high, BADGBE, with the 6th string tuned DOWN to B.

In the vids, Ive seen him pluck the 1st string open and its not an E but rather down 1 1/2 steps to C#. This makes me wonder what he has done with the rest of the strings and if this is some kind of open tuning that im just unaware of.

any help with this is appreciated, and ill post any progress i make right here. hopefully im not the only one who's heard this song and wants to tab it out. just search for "creed - a thousand faces" on youtube and you'll find all of the videos im talking about.

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