I'm in my mid 30s, I've been playing guitar for 4 1/2 Years, i'm so inlove with guitar playing that i carry my guitar around wherever i go 24/7, To work, and back, ABSOLUTELY EVERYWHERE I GO.

I guess i love playing at every opportunity i have... I do not perform or play gigs, i generally jam with my buddies at times or practice wherever i go and get a little 20 to 30 minutes somewhere.

My question is "Does This Make Me Some Kind Of Weirdo".

90% of the times Guys or women Approach me an ask "So Where Do You Play" i usually say "Nowhere" "I just a hobbyist and i love carrying it wherever i go.



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if you still carry it to your obgyn then yes, i find that to be weird. anywhere else, no...
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im 18,been playing for 4 years and do the same thing,get the stares and same questions
its kinda cool
wtf is wrong with you?

na its not that weird but i wouldnt recommend doing it.
when women approach you lie and get some
it is weird. but what's wrong with being weird? all that means is it's something that's not normal, and who wants to be normal ? i admire your dedication.
yes is like weird , but he dosent matter beacuse u love your guitar haha i do the same thing that u do and i dont care what the people think
when i first started playing i used to carry it everywhere too.from the age of 10 till 15, i took it to school, to the mall, to friend's houses, just to show off what i learnt. then i got a lot better and turned into a metalhead and nobody seems to want to listen to me anymore. haha.
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I've only been playing for like 2 months and sometimes wanna do the same...but I hold back. Playing in the room is getting a little boring. I wanna take it to the park or to the beach or to the gf's house
Perhaps busk or something, are you good enough to improvise?
Because that's two good things, the answer to a question, and a bit of money doing what you love most.

and it's not weird at all, I do it all the time :P, if it is, **** them, we're cooler than them anyway ahah
we are all guitar wierdos thats y were here lol its fun cuz sometimes u come up with really good stuff..... but then u realize u forgot the pen and paper to write it down.
Probably a little wierd, but that's not necessarily bad. It's great to have such feeling for the guitar, and to get so much playing time.

Probably a lot worse things you copuld carry around, it you think about it.....


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We all love our instruments and playing....the more you play the better you will get. One consideration is the care of the instrument...if it's not in my hands then it's in the case NO exceptions.....I've seen more fine guitars ruined by laying them around or leaving them on stands to be bumped, knocked over etc. Another thing to consider is the tolerance of ones friends...are we good enough not to be annoying to them when we play?? And if we are pretty good just how much of our playing is enough to suit them. That said play on....and have fun.

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Its not weird, you're just dedicated to what you love..
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If you ever have it while at the mall, and have to go to the restroom, play it while sitting..
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If you ever have it while at the mall, and have to go to the restroom, play it while sitting..

That's a bit too far.

Although I will admit the thought of playing dueling banjos while dropping a chocolate santa to be quite amusing.
Actually, I just read an article by Richard Lloyd and he said when he was in high school he carried his guitar everywhere. If you dont know who he is you should check him out. Some of his ideas are out there but i really enjoy his lessons and articles.
yes but thats cool, me too, when i first got my guitar i actually slept with it, i woke up one day with 6 red lines down my face where the strings had dug into my face during my sleep, didnt go away all day lol, i carried mine everywhere, i dont as much now, but i still take mine to school and friends houses, i dont take it to the mall or anything, and theres no point taking it to work, i work in a guitar store, theres way better to play lol
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we are all guitar wierdos thats y were here lol its fun cuz sometimes u come up with really good stuff..... but then u realize u forgot the pen and paper to write it down.

The times they are a changin'.....

i wish i was as weird as you, well, kinda
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i take my guitar into my 6th form every day im in, its because i have a lot of free periods and i need something to pass the time, and also, it gives me inspiration to write. but i'd say its a little weird that you take it EVERYWHERE...including to your place of work...

i nearly got sacked from my job for bringing a guitar in, because i had a gig later in the evening...i hope you dont play it when your supposed to be working, haha
Lol i bring it to classes all the time as long as its not an issue to getting ork done who cares?
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Uhhh, it kinda makes people seem like a poser, especially if they suck, or just don't play it. Because then for them, it's all like, "Ooohh look at me, I have a guitar! i4/\/\ (001 4(_)-l-0/\/\4-l-1(411y!!!!1111"

Kind of sickening to watch people play the first part of Crazy Train over and over again on their acoustic guitar.

But if your good, and you don't care about the attention, then cheers!
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not at all
jus means you really love to always be playing guitar
i do the exact same man=D maybe not exactly everywhere i go, but pretty much everytime im walking. which is a lot cuz i dont have a car haha.
if people come up to you, just play them a jam. they love it. i always do. ive even been given money after i play for people on several occasions lol
not half as weird as me...i carry around oversized stuffed animals with me everywhere i go..well, not everywhere but it stays with me 99.9% each day
Youre ****ing awesome thats what you are
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