Hi, i have been writing songs for my band, and we are not yet ready to play shows yet, but i am pretty sure that time will come here in a year or so, im only 16 so i have more that enough time to save up, but i am looking for a good 30 - 50 watt amp that will get me a sound similar to Metallica on '...and Justice for All', what brand/model should i go for? also, can anyone recommend distortion/whammy/wah pedals? My price range is about $500 - $1000.
Can you go used? If you can there's a pretty big selection of amps in that range for metal. If not I suggest the peavey 6505 112 combo, 60 watss all tube. Comes out in october too, only like 600 bucks new.
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Well, James Hetfield uses a Mesa Boogie Mark IV and a Diezel VH4 and Kirk Hammett a Dual Rectifier for their sounds. But that might be WAY to expensive.
6505 is good if you don't need (good) cleans.
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A Mesa Mark III would be at the top of your budget, that would nail early 90's Metalica tones, as well as tone of others. Other amp from Mesa that would get you in the ball park would be the DC series, F series, and the Nomads, all of these have enough gain on tap for most and sound pretty good. Used Single Recto is at the top of your budget as well and might fit the bill. Other used options, Peavey 5150/6505, Peavey Triple X, Peavey Ultra plus, and a few others from Carvin and Randall that I am not familure with. With your budget you are going to get a lot more if you go used.
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