Recently i got so lazy of sitting down and standing to practice, i decided to lay in bed one day and play, and boy am i addicted now, I am constantly laying flat on my back and playing guitar, LAZY LAZY HABIT, but i enjoy it, i can actually go for 4 to 5 hrs, sleep get up, Play, go back to sleep, Everything just seems to be done with one SHOT.

Is this going to hurt me in the future?
not really. as long as you can play standing up as well it shouldn't matter

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God I hope not. I do it too.


If this is bad for you, I'm going to be PISSED.
i had only one bad experience while doing it. I slept while playing guitar lying down and the next morning it got in the way of my raging boner
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only if youre simultaneously shooting up some heroin

This man should be given an award of some sort.

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As long as your hand/wrist/shoulder posture doesn't suffer and/or make you experience discomfort, you should be fine IMO.
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just make sure you practice sitting and standing as well or it could hurt you in the long run...
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