I'm going to visit Japan soon, and was thinking of buying a Jackson Stars KE2 Kelly. I live in Canada, and the humidity in Japan compared to Canada is very different (It is VERY humid in Japan). I know i should buy a humidifier, but will I have to keep on using it for as long as I keep the guitar? Will there be a point in the guitar's life where I won't have to use the humidifier anymore?
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I think if you left it in a humidified room, and only took it out to play it, then you wouldn't need to humidify the whole house.... Sorry I have no better advice.
How about if I have to play at a gig?
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you jsut have to have the guitar set up differently for use here.

the humidity will change the guitar but if its constantly around that humidity it will remain the same (obviously). Youll have the truss rod adjusted and what not and itll be fine.

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The wood will gradually settle to the new conditions. I have no idea how long this takes though. I live in South Australia which is extremely dry compared to Indonesia, where my guitar was made.
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dude you dont need a humidifier. If it were an acoustic a humidifier would be important. Not with electrics. When you get it back to canada you will need to do a setup. thats it.

i have the same prob, my guits come from england and i live in south africa (very humid to very dry). And all i ever need to do is a setup after they have settled for a few weeks
Yeah, on electrics you don't need to worry as much about humidity.
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I have a Japson and live in humidity year round but my place always has the AC on so its actually too dry. Every time I gig I take it out in the high humidity and it effects the setup. After 2 days back at home the setup returns to normal. Usually a truss rod adjustment will fix any problems when moving to another location and humidity will seldom really "damage" a decent solidbody guitar.
What I hate is at home its nice and dry and cool when I practice, then at gigs I sweat a lot and my hands get wet and it really effects my playing.
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peronally id otn think 20000feet is very humd in a plane so your screwwed if you worry aout ti that much and on a boat well yeah exactly its not that humid in adry container for 4 or 5 weeks. realy man as long as you set it up whenits gets here then youll be ok
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