Okay, so ATM I have a gutted, torn apart SX bass on my couch, and I have a cheap Dano Fuzz pedal thats ready for surgery. How do I get the fuzz circuit in the bass? I already know I'll need to route it out a little. BTW, if pics are needed, I'll have them tomorrow okay? So if you can help if there was pics, just fave this thread.
why in the world would you even think of doing this ??????
Im gonna pistol whip the next guy that says shenanigans !!!!
^Because I like the way the basses neck+body feel. I'm also modding it in general, new nut, bridge, tuners, etc. So I just wanted to try this out aswell.
http://www.runoffgroove.com/articles.html build a small fuzz circuit like one of these on a small pcb and stuff it in there somewhere. lol.
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^ I swear I read the wiring thread, maybe just too fast >_>

Thanks for the pic though. Better then my original idea.
If youve already got the bass and already got the pedal, whats the point in putting the pedal in the bass? Does it actually improve anything? Surely it's actually easier to turn the pedal on/off with your foot? Or are you a muse fan?
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