I searched and didn't see anything on them so hopefully the search bar didn't fail.


I'll put this first since I know a lot of people will want to know this: The preamp tubes are still post amp modeling and effects.

From what I can tell they seem to be a pretty good upgrade otherwise.. Added some more effects, you can use 4 at a time. Also added 2 new amp models.
* = New

Amp models:
Clean, Twang, Class A*, Blues, Crunch, Hi Gain*, Metal, Insane.

Compressor*, Fuzz*, Auto Wah*, Auto Swell*, Pitch Shifter*, Harmonizer*, Chorus, Flanger*, U-Vibe*, Opto and Bias Tremolo, Digital Delay, Analog w/mod*, Tape Echo, Multi Head Echo*, Sweep Echo, Reverse Delay*, Spring Reverb, and Plate Reverb.

And a 14 second looper, noise gate, boost, and volume routing.
I have a huge fear if rays.
I was wondering how that was going to turn out. Thanks for the update.

Can you hook up an X-box to it from its LAN jack to the 'Valve's FVB port? (Inside joke)
Interested to see how these sound compared to the original.

And hey, you're in Tempe! Can't say I've heard of your band, but sounds pretty cool. Can't hear vocals at all on the videos though
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