I have had this Yamaha SF 550 HM for a few years.. and its my first. I was lucky enough to be given it for free from my dads mate.
Its a great guitar, with a similar body to a telecaster. I have searched and searched many times to find out some sort of information about it but I'm still at a dead end.
Can anyone give me any information about this guitar?

I believe it was made between the mid 70's-80's.

It would be very much appreciated if anyone could tell me anything.
Mid eighties near tele design. I found pictures of two, both with Maple fretboards and twin humbuckers, one looked like SD replacements which would be a good thing considering how bad the original Yamaha ones were back then. They look better with the pickguard off as the original was spectacularly ugly. Controls were Strat placed rather than the usual Tele plate.
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