I thought the G3 series where supposed to be relatively cheap amps, but ive just been scouring the net as im after a new combo and the prices seem to have gone up. The cheapest I can find the 100 watt combo for is £399, with the 200 watt combo costing £500, although I found a website selling it for £679! Considering I could pick up one of the new Peavey 6505 plus 112 combos for £435 the prices of these supposedly affordable G3's seems a bit expensive to me. I was hoping to get a 100 watt combo for around £300, but it looks like i'll have to settle for the 75 watt which is £299 (reduced price). If I had more dough it probably get the 6505 but I can barely afford the 75 watt G3 so unfortunately I cant. Does anyone know why these Randall's have shot up in price? Are the Plus model's really that much better than the original G3's?
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Haven't they always been that price?
I remember looking at them years ago and they were £300 something.
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Theyre really expensive in the UK because of importing etc but if oyu were in the US theyre actually reasonably priced...kinda like Mesas
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the G3+ Series is the cheapest "good" new production Randall.

well its probably that im the US
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